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Birthplace: Bulgaria, Yambol
Born: December 3-rd
Residence: Amsterdam, NL
Height: 5′11″ (180 cm)
Weight: 198 lbs (90 kilos)
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blond

As a kid growing up in a small Bulgarian town, my family and I lived in a small apartment. When I was 15 years old me and my brother transformed our rooom in into a gym.
On My 15th birthday I bought my first set of dumbbells. Then one week later around Christmas, I used my Christmas money to buy a bench to go with it. And the rest is history! I still remember playing “DMX and Prodigy”music and hearing my neighbour’s screaming at me because it was so loud!

I got into Male Fashion/Fitness Modeling at the age of 24, and continue to have a busy schedule this very day. I’ve competed just once as a male fitness model in bodybuilding show in Rome and took silver and bronze medal. I have appeared in few commercials, magazines, and catalogs. But what I am most proud of is helping people to achieve their goals. Whether its health, fitness, motivation, nutrition or well being, I love to encourage others to follow their dreams. I’m glad I found my purpose as a child and since then I’m mastering it to this very day. I’m settled for now in Amsterdam where I continue my modeling and personal trainer career.


“Don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t. Keep your chin up, and your eyes on the prize. Live everyday like it’s you last. Death is certain, life is not.” – Emil Dimov