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PicsArt_1394520775111CTP   “CLOSER TO PERFECTION” PLAN was created to
quickly have you shedding the most
fat possible without losing any of your
metabolism boosting lean muscle!
This is partially achieved by customizing
your nutrition to everything about
you including your age, weight, height,
metabolism, and most importantly
your somatotype ( body type) and your
exercise program.
Being exact and not guessing is necessary if you are serious about achieving
the very difficult feat of quickly losing pure body fat without losing any
This plan will show you exactly what to be eating, how much, and when to
give your body the precise amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fats needed
to melt fat the new way…The right way…The Truly Custom Way.
Also, your pre and post workout nutrition along with your water requirements
are completely customized to you.
Actually, you’ll notice NOT A SINGLE thing about MY PLAN”S is generic in
any way!
Everything is customized to you and your body.
Specially designed COMBINED program, including food, training and supplemental plan:

Created about your goals and opportunities
In accordance with your training level
Tailored to your lifestyle
Consistent with the disease if you have any
Tailored to your favorite foods
With detailed descriptions and videos to the exercises in the program
With recommendations for optimal intake of food supplements regime

Skype or E-mail consultation in the development of the regime!

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