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What is it? How can it help me?

L-glutamine is the most abundant, naturally-occurring, free amino acid found within skeletal muscle and blood. Strenuous exercise is associated with a drop in plasma glutamine levels and impaired immune function. Consuming L-glutamine can help boost your immune system and maintain muscle mass, which translates into more effective training and improved performance.

When do I use it?

L-glutamine should be consumed as part of your post-exercise recovery, which should begin within 30 minutes of finishing your workout. Including L-glutamine in your post-workout recovery helps reduce the catabolic effects of muscle breakdown

How much do I need?

At least 4 grams of L-glutamine should be included as part of your post-workout recovery to boost your immune system and preserve lean muscle mass.

More helpful information

Athletes suffering from overtraining syndrome have low levels of circulating plasma glutamine, and L-glutamine may help reduce the negative effects of overtraining. Many research studies done on various types of athletes—from strength and power to endurance—have demonstrated the benefits of consuming L-glutamine.

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