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10 Foods To Help You Gain Weight And Bulk Up

Do you ever fantasize about being as big as a body builder? The journey from being somebody ‘normal’ to a magnificently superhuman body builder is a long and difficult one. The entire journey depends a lot on your exercise, state of mind, but also, perhaps most important, on the diet you choose. There are certain foods you can eat that will specifically help you to bulk up. Below you will find a list of 10 such foods that can contribute to your bulking up cause.


1. Almonds

These things can deliver unsaturated fats, vitamin E, and manganese to your body. Eat them whole, with cereal, or as an ingredient in some other recipe.


2. Avocados

One avocado contains around 300 calories and a lot of this can be attributed to the unsaturated fats contained in it. Other things this fruit delivers to your body include vitamin K, vitamin E, fiber, and folate. Eat avocados by blending it into a milkshake or smoothie of some other fruit.


3. Cheese

This one will make lots of readers happy. We all love cheese on our pizza, in our burgers, on any dish, really. Cheese provides you with nearly 100 calories per oz. In your everyday consumption, you can put cheese in noodles and sandwiches.


4. Dates

One date can include nearly 65 calories. If you want fiber and potassium in your body, eat lots of dates. Of course you could always eat them to simply sweeten the taste of your mouth. Other ways you can eat them by including them in your serial or mixing them with a smoothie you have made.


5. Eggs

Cook eggs with olive oil. Or add boiled eggs to salads. Each egg can deliver about 71 calories to your body along with 6 grams of protein.


6. Granola

If you want to have a high calorie breakfast, simply eat granola. A half cup granola serving include nearly 200 calories.


7. Tuna

Tuna might not be known to give you massive weight gains but it has an exceptional ability to supplement the anabolism in your body. The calories from Tuna come 94% from protein and the remaining 6% from Fat. Through in some Olive Oil and make it rich in Omega-3 and unsaturated fats. This will not only make it delicious but it will also give you you optimal health and weight gains. It also has a rich Amino Acid score of 148 which makes Tuna known for being among the diets with one of the highest quality of protein. A 100gms of serving of tuna, canned in water and drained, has 116 calories and has about 26g of protein.


Photo Credit: www.bodybuildingislifestyle.com

Photo Credit: www.bodybuildingislifestyle.com

8. Beef

Beef is known for its ability to supplement massive weight gains while also improving creatine and hemoglobin levels in your blood stream. This further leads to good oxygen supply to your muscles supplementing anabolism. The calories from Beef come 74% from protein and the remaining 26% from Fat. Have it with Rice or Pasta and see your weights hit crazy scales. It also has a rich Amino Acid score of 142. A 100gms of serving of cooked Beef has 145 calories, 25g of protein and 219% of your daily need of Iron.


Photo credit: www.deliciousfood4u.com

Photo credit: www.deliciousfood4u.com

9. Pasta

One cup of pasta can deliver about 200 calories to your body. The best way to eat it would be to cook up large batch and take from time to time during snacks.


Photo Credit: www.cookingclassy.com

Photo Credit: www.cookingclassy.com

10. Peanut Butter

This last item might not be to everybody’s tastes because some people simply cannot stand peanut butter. For others, eating peanut butter is an awesome experience for the taste buds. Each tablespoon of peanut butter can contain up to 100 calories. You can mix it in milkshakes or simply eat it with oatmeal.

Photo credit: www.npr.org

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