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What is HMB? How can HMB help me?
During exercise, muscles are damaged, causing muscle protein to break down. HMB, a metabolite of leucine (a branched-chain amino acid), helps prevent protein breakdown.

Taking protein and amino acids after a workout can help replace lost protein, and build more. The presence of HMB signals muscle cells to preserve the existing muscle, thereby promoting additional muscle growth and faster muscle development and recovery.

This helps you build muscle mass, muscle strength, and muscle endurance.

When do I use HMB?
Although HMB is important to have inside your muscle right after your workout, taking it at any point throughout the day can effectively promote constant protein synthesis and muscle growth.

Consuming HMB with other protein and amino acids works best to yield maximal protein synthesis and minimal protein breakdown.

How much HMB do I need?
The amount of HMB needed to produce the benefits of muscle development is at least 3.0 grams each day. Your body produces some HMB naturally from the amino acid leucine, but only small amounts of leucine are converted by your body to HMB. Thus, it is easier and more efficient to supplement directly with HMB as opposed to leucine to get the desired daily amount of HMB.

Taking HMB daily is recommended, so that it’s always in your blood stream, constantly helping you achieve a strong, lean, body composition.

More helpful information
HMB allows you to get the most from your workout, and helps you recover faster. Research studies have shown HMB to be effective at increasing performance in weight lifting and other sports, such as volleyball.

HMB has also been shown to increase lean mass while decreasing fat, and provides other health benefits such as promoting wound healing and lowering levels of “bad” cholesterol. No negative side effects have been reported on HMB.


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